Before contacting us

Stellar Group receives many emails each day, most of which can be answered by the responses below. Please take a moment to read through our light-hearted guide to the most frequently asked questions

Will Stellar take me on as a client?

Probably not.

Stellar’s success is built on our investment in our scouting network and retaining the services of the best scouts and agents in the business. If someone from Stellar approaches you or your family and wants to talk about representation, then it means you’ve been watched playing several times and we think you have the potential to be a star. Unlike, say, a legal firm which accepts most clients as a way to grow their business, Stellar is very careful in making decisions about who we represent.

Someone has contacted me from Stellar and wants money/personal documents or I’m not sure they are genuine


There are a lot of fake agents and sophisticated scams out there. Stellar Group will never ask you for upfront fees, or payments to arrange trials or demand you hand over your personal documents.

We never advertise for footballers or coaches on job websites or Linkedin and we don’t organise competitions/trials abroad with the prize of becoming a client.

Look out for tell-tale signs such as unofficial email addresses or offers that are too good to be true.  One of our agents will not Whatsapp you out of the blue and offer you a big money transfer to China on condition you send him your passport. Be careful as there could be people impersonating our agents or pretending to be from Stellar Group when they are not part of our organisation. If in any doubt contact us, but please don’t hand over or sign anything if you are unsure. If approached via Instagram it will be from one of our verified accounts.

I want to become a Stellar agent/scout

We recruit agents and scouts through our own networks and it will usually be someone we already know/have worked with, a former player/official with great contacts and expertise, or someone interested in merging their agency with ours and becoming part of the Stellar Group. There’s no academic route to becoming a Stellar intermediary nor do we offer any trainee programmes.

Do you have any other job vacancies at Stellar?

We have our own ways of recruiting staff when a vacancy opens up and so there’s little point in sending us a speculative CV. We do take the time to read them just in case there is something that only you can offer us but the answer is invariably “no”.

I want work experience or an internship with Stellar

Due to the confidential nature of our business, we do not offer any such positions. Sorry, it’s just the way we run things.

I want autographs/a signed shirt/a donation to charity

We get several requests for memorabilia and charity contributions each day so it is impossible to get through them all but rest assured that our company policy is to make generous annual contributions to charities that we have decided to support in advance.

I want your client to endorse our product

We have a commercial department that deals with such requests. You can email them in the first instance at commercial@stellargroup.co.uk. If you would like to talk to us about endorsement/sponsorship opportunities, please ensure it is a serious proposition.

I want your client to appear on my
podcast/YouTube show

The answer is usually no, unless it is a particularly high-profile one and there’s some reason why our client would definitely be interested. That Peter Crouch Podcast is our favourite.

I want to interview a client for an established media organisation

We respect that journalists have an important job to do and so we do carefully consider all such requests. We reserve the right, however, to say no for whatever reason so don’t take refusal personally. We get several requests each day for media quotes and usually it is the club you should be approaching as they have Press departments which handle such things.

I want your star player to visit our school/organisation/event

Please approach the player’s club as it is the clubs who have the policies and schedules that deal with such requests. 

I want to send a nasty letter to someone

Don’t bother. It will never reach the person it is intended for and will be instantly deleted/binned. Lighten up.

I want to send a nice letter to someone

Please send it to the player’s club. We are sure they will appreciate it. The clubs have a policy of handling all players’ fan mail.

I want inside information on a big-money transfer

You’re kidding, right?