Jonathan Barnett

Forbes names Stellar Group chairman as one of the world’s most succesful sports agents

Stellar Group is on the verge of becoming the most successful sports agency in the world, as it expands into new territories and continues to win lucrative deals for its clients.

American business magazine Forbes currently names Stellar Group chairman and co-founder Jonathan Barnett as one of the top sports agents in the world but, as Mr Barnett explains, this  does not reflect the rapid growth over the past few months.

“The figures are probably out of date and I would say that Stellar Group is now on the verge of becoming the biggest sports agency in the world,” Mr Barnett said. “We are expanding into the American market and in particular the NFL, we have opened new offices in Madrid and are continuing to attract new clients in football and athletics. It is a very exciting time.”

Stellar Group’s success is based on the strong partnership between Mr Barnett and his partner David Manasseh and their 25 years of experience helping sports men and women become the best they can be while enjoying the maximum rewards for their talent and hard work.

“ There are many good agents out there – we are just better,” added Mr Barnett. “The formula for our success is the way we run our business, our attention to detail  and the way we look after our clients.

“Top agents take a pride in getting the best deals for people  and our track record in this regard speaks for itself. What makes us different is that we also look after players properly.

“Footballers, for example, just want to concentrate on their game and know that everything else is taken care of. What they need is an agent who really understands football, how clubs work, how the game works and how the complex negotiations work.

“We are so successful because we put our clients first and give everything our absolute best. Our focus is to be as good as we possibly can be for our players and then get even better.”