Launch of Stellar Nordic Brings New Opportunities for Clients

Stellar is growing again with the opening of a Nordic division that promises exciting opportunities for new and existing clients.

Bjarki Gunnlaugsson and Magnus Agnar Magnusson, whose Total Football agency has been representing players in the Nordic countries since 2011, have joined the Stellar team, bringing years of experience and expertise to our global Group.

The pair will have offices in Reykjavík and Copenhagen initially, with an increasingly strong presence in the Scandinavian countries and Russia.

Bjarki, who played for the Icelandic national team and Preston North End among others, said: “There is a new generation of talent coming through in the Nordic countries, building on the success we have seen over the past few years. But while joining with Stellar will open up opportunities all over the world to those players, we will be able to open door for Stellar’s existing clients over here.”

Magnus, who has been working as an agent since 2006 and has done hundreds of deals in multiple countries, added: “Football is changing and becoming more international. In the past the emphasis may have been on bringing star players to the major leagues like the Premiership and La Liga but today the quality of players being produced by the Academy system means there are great opportunities for clients to enjoy superb quality of life and play for big clubs like Malmo, FC Copenhagen and so on.”

Welcoming Bjarki and Magnus, Stellar chairman Jonathan Barnett said: “Stellar is the biggest sports agency in the world but we never rest on our laurels, we are always looking for ways to offer new opportunities to our clients and grow our global network. As football changes, so do we.

“Bjarki and Magnus are hugely respected agents with amazing knowledge and contacts who will open many doors for our clients, especially young players looking to break into first-team European teams.  It is very good news to have them with us.”

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