The Premier League trophy on display before the Premier League match at The Emirates Stadium, London.

Stellar Group welcomes David Lee to our football team

David Lee is the latest name to join the Stellar Group family.

The 38-year-old, who over the past 10 years has guided the careers of several top names and Premier League stars, is making the switch to help clients take advantage of Stellar’s reputation and global network as they build their careers.

A former footballer, David played for a number of clubs including Hull City and Brighton until injury forced him to retire from the game aged just 28.

Shortly after he began working for in player representation and quickly gained a reputation as one of the best and most loyal in the business, identifying and mentoring a select band of young players as they matured and made their mark on the game.

David said: “Over the years I’ve had a lot of offers to join other groups but Stellar was the one organisation that tempted me. In my dealings with clubs and players they have always enjoyed the best reputation for the way they do business, the togetherness of the staff and the work they do on behalf of their players.

“Good player representatives help talented players become stars and players who work closely with good intermediaries and take advice on board are always the ones who make it. I’ve been proud of my track record and I know working with Stellar will mean even greater success in the future.”

Stellar Group Managing Director David Manasseh said: “Persuading David to join the Stellar Group is a real coup, his clients have always trusted him to the hilt and he is respected throughout the game not only for the work he does but also the way he does it.

“As part of the Stellar family, David’s clients will find even more doors opening to them as they rightly seek to enjoy their footballing careers while earning the rewards their dedication and talent deserve.”